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Santa barbara's longest licensed integration company

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About us

We are proud to have been serving Santa Barbara County as the longest standing audio visual company for the over 30 years! What defines us (and keeps referrals coming) is our tireless attention to detail, timely communication, and never resting until you are completely and totally satisfied. We are NOT in the business of selling hardware; we are in the business of SERVICE. The systems we design and integrate are carefully chosen, but only as a means to that end: your satisfaction with us and our service. We approach every system with an eye towards a simple and intuitive user experience, with no long training sessions or instruction sheets required. We can say with complete confidence that we’ll develop a relationship that you’ll trust and value. That’s our goal each and every time. All of us at Home Control Solutions are excited to work on your project.


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our expertise


Lighting Control

Lighting control is usually the single biggest component of an integrated system and has the potential to beautify your home by eliminating unsightly wall switches. utilizing our 'Scene' programming you can be assured that your home is always shown in its best light whether you are entertaining, dining, or just watching TV.


We consider window shading to be a natural extension of lighting control. This can have the same dramatic effect on the look and feel of your home during the day as lighting control does at night. We install roller shades, Roman shades and drapery tacks. We have a full line of shade fabrics for UV reduction, privacy and blackout.


Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a natural tie-in for home automation - when you arm the system, all your subsystems can be set to shut down simultaneously, save you energy automatically. You are immediately notified in the event of a security breach or fire alarm.

Surveillance Cameras

Whether you need a high resolution security camera system or a simple network setup to look in on the baby's room or see who is at the front door, we make it simple to use while affording you all the advanced features common to our other offerings. With home control solutions, you have secure access to your home from the cloud anywhere in the world. Enabling you to check on your property remotely.

Audio / Video


Of all the electronic amenities you can choose for your home. One of the most enjoyable is whole-home music. Our systems allow you to enjoy your music more often and in more rooms by making it an effortless process. No more digging through your CD collections, simply go to your nearest touch panel and browse your entire library.


Home theaters allow us to better experience the world of cinema from the comfort of your home. With a modern home theater system, you can recreate the movie-going experience, in nearly any room in your house and even outdoors.

Climate Control & Outdoor

Climate Control

Keep your home comfortable at all times with centralized climate control. Adjust all your heating and air condition zones individually or as a group from any location. Traditional thermostats are one of the biggest eye sores. We replace theses thermostats with discreet hidden temperatures/humidity sensors, thereby increasing the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Pool & Irrigation

Of all the electronic amenities you can choose for your home. One of the most enjoyable is whole-home music. Our systems allow you to enjoy your music more often and in more rooms by making it an effortless process. No more digging through your CD collections, simply go to your nearest touch panel and browse your entire library.

"The ultimate promise of home automation technology is to allow us to control and live at ease within our own homes"

our process


Our team is driven by a desire for excellence and your ultimate satisfaction. We offer systems and features at all levels from home entertainment to complete home automation. Our approach to system design and the clients we serve is unique. We make sure that each part of the overall design meets our criteria for performance and integrity. We tailor each feature to our client’s lifestyle while ensuring ultimate performance. This allows us to offer a system that is truly reliable, easy to use and excells in all performance parameters while being ready for upgrades in the future. 

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System design

Once a proposal is approved, the project advances to the engineering stage. With the aid of advanced software and drawings, we develop flow diagrams and detailed layouts for all key aspects of your system. We consider all the details, from room and seating arrangements, audio and video equipment, energy saving systems, and lighting systems. A complete set of engineering plans and line drawings are prepared for each project so our technicians understand their roles and can work efficiently to complete the necessary tasks.

Reuse Existing Components


There are several phases to installing a system in your home: a Rough-In stage where all wiring is installed and tested, a Trim stage where interfaces, keypads, speakers and brackets are installed, and a Final Installation where the components are placed. When the system is functioning, we review its operation with any members of your family so everyone is able to fully enjoy all of its benefits. In every step of system implementation, the Project Manager and our in-house crew work carefully and cleanly, just as if they were building a system for their own home. At the end of each day, the work area is completely cleaned and returned to its original arrangement.

Selectors with Classes and IDs


Long term client relationships are important to us. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support to our clients. With each new project we hopefully enter into a relationship that lasts for years. Most of our systems include direct ‘service access’ communication, allowing us to make fixes and programming changes without sending a technician to your home or interfering with your busy schedule. With our system monitoring equipment, we’ll likely even know about a service outage before you do. If you do have to call our office, you will reach a live person ready to assist you.

Reuse Existing Components

customer satisfaction

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We believe that customer relations are the most important aspect of any business, which is why we provide the best customer service possible to our clients.

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After working with Home Control Solutions for the last four years, Angeli De Covolo Architects would not do a project without them. They have provided us with a broad range of services from design to construction on projects ranging from $10M to $35M. Their professionalism and knowledge of their products has made them our sub-contractor of choice. 

Everett J. Woody

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Simply put, the best electrical subsystem/window-shading contractor we have ever dealt with. Philip makes it all come together. I am glad I hired him and purchased such a marvelous product. If that is not enough, he answers his calls and emails promptly and is more than fair and honorable business-wise.

Dr.'s Joan and harry Saperstein

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